As singular as it is welcoming. That is what our town, Santurtzi, is like, which is why we like it so much and it impresses those who come to visit.

The numbers talking about our town in their logbooks are increasing all the time, describing our surroundings in detail, our whales, our aroma of sardines, our people… And of course our gastronomy and our tourist and commercial offering.

From this website I strongly encourage you to go on a virtual trip to discover everything Santurtzi is hiding in this spot surrounded by sea and mountains. Because that is what we are: Nature, tradition and future.

Ongi etorri!!​

Aintzane Urkijo Sagredo

Mayor of​ Santurtzi



Santurtzi is immerse in a process of transformation, a change that is leaving no-one indifferent, because it has been able to adapt itself to the new times without losing its lees, its essence, our past.

This blend of past, present and future is what is making us a benchmark in our area, not just for tourism but also in gastronomy and commerce.

Once is never enough! That is why, if you have not yet done so, I invite you to visit us and to come back as often as you like and enjoy our pretty small-town charms; a small town protected by Mt. Serantes and bathed by the sea, which will embrace you as only she can, with the warmest of welcomes.


Joseba Ramos

Councillor in charge of Finance and Economic Promotion​​​