Useful information

Useful information

​Santurtzi stands on the coast of north-western Bizkaia, on the El Abra bay in the district of Greater Bilbao, at the foot of the majestic Mount Serantes ( 446 mts). It is best known for its port – which is one of the main ports in the European Atlantic Sea – and for its grilled sardines, about which popular songs have even been written.​

Population: 47.019 inhabitants.

Region: Left bank

Area: 6,8 Km2.

Altitude: 2 metres.

Population density: 6.914 inhabitants per km ².

Climate​: Santurtzi has a humid oceanic climate. Temperatures are mild the year round with more frequent spells of rainfall in Spring and Autumn. Winters are mild and Summers are not excessively hot. The average summer temperature is some 20ºC (70ºF) while the mean winter temperature is 8ºC (48ºF).