Mount Serantes

The Serantes is a signal mountain and a magnificen observation point over the Bay of Biscay and ther mouth of the Abra.Mount Serantes provides a stunning vantage point for enjoying a changing landscape, with views looking out over several towns on both sides of the river estuary, the Ría de Bilbao, as well as of Santurtzi, the entire length of the estuary, the port as the gateway to the Bay of Biscay, nearby mountains, the coastline...

In view of its strategic position, throughout history this mountain has been a major bastion against the threat of military assault. Its timeworn fortifications testify to its importance.

Through the itinerary you could find some of them, like the Fort (1880), which is being restored to host a hostel, an exhibition room and an interpretation center. In the top you could see the "Tower" built in 1868.

Elsewhere, customs of yesteryear still survive, as reflected in the traditional religious procession, the ROMERÍA DE CORNITES, held on Easter Monday since the 19th century.

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