Santurtzi's park

Santurtzi's park

Close to the Fishing port is the Park. It has a large number of unusual species of tree, such as Californian giant sequoias, cedars from the Himalayas and Atlas Mountains, the Japanese privet and American and African palms.​

In the centre built in 1917, we can see an elegant gazebo with a platform of multicoloured mosaics of images of different municipalities on the Nervión estuary. In addition to pretty scenes of sardine sellers loaded with their prize catch, barefoot, with their baskets and a number of images of old-style fishing nets with an acute traditional air are well worthy of our attention.

There are likewise different sculptures, forming part of the open air sculptures museum. 

An extension was recently added, known as the park of the waves, because of the shape of its gardens, used as a rest and leisure area.

It also has two spacious and attractive children's playgrounds.