Santurtzi's park

Santurtzi's park

Santurtzi's park

Due to the large number and diversity of trees that it preserves, where unusual tree species such as giant Californian sequoias, Himalayan cedars, the lily of Japan or American and African palms stand out, it has been declared a historic-artistic park.

The sculpture “Child fishing” by Andalusian artist Benito Valladares is a life-size bronze sculpture that reminds us that in the 19th century water reached this point.

The old fishing port was located in front of the church of San Jorge, but after a long process of gaining ground over the sea, the municipal park was created between 1913 and 1927. In 1914, the institution in charge of carrying out the works on the Abra Bay, the Port Works Board, agreed to lease these spaces to the Town Hall on the sole condition that they be used exclusively for public parks. They also pointed out that the only construction allowed would be a kiosk.


Beside the Church of San Jorge stands a sculpture called "Boy Fishing". This life-sized bronze figure marks where the sea front used to be. The old fishing port was located here until the early 20th century. The statue was made by sculptor Benito Valladares from Cadiz.


The park has remained unchanged until 2009, when it was renovated in accordance with its original structure.

The music kiosk was built in the center of the park in 1917. It is circular and its base is surrounded by a platform with polychrome ceramic mosaics in which the most significant municipalities of the Nervión estuary route are represented.




Santurtzi has an extensive cultural, sporting and entertainment activities program, aimed to all audiences. Check here all the sch​eduled events.

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Basque cuisine is another of our highlights. Local restoration is very important.

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Santurce has be​​en one​ of the towns that has had more boats dedicated to inshore fishing..

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