Santurtzi - Bullón - Residencia - Serantes

Santurtzi - Bullón - Residencia - Serantes

3,2 Km. / 00.45 h.​

  • As in route nº 1, we first head for the Barrio Mamariga, and descend to the left near the church towards the (P1) Bullón district (13') continuing along the route of the stream Arroyo de Oyancas (now subterranean) towards (P2) the Residence (7') from whence we continue on after a steep hill 

  • We continue along the pathway to the left of the Residence and then cross the freeway overpass between the environmental protection barriers, and turn to the right, to face a steep climb with the Somo and Alto de San Pedro hills on our right hand side. We follow the same path until we get to (P3) the Los Llanos information area (15') 

  • From here we continue the climb following the path on the left that runs up the slope to (P4) The Nueve Cruces summit (10') Then we climb the path to the right to arrive immediately at (P5) the Fort (3') 

  • From the Fort we can see the summit and the straight, steep trail that leads there (6').​