Santurtzi - Mamariga - Serantes

Santurtzi - Mamariga - Serantes

Santurtzi Park
  • ​From Santurtzi park, heading between the town hall and the church of San Jorge, we proceed through Barrio Mamariga to reach the Grupo Nafarroa district which we cross using its pedestrian street, until we come to the reservoir (P1) on the left hand side (14’). We go around this and up the concrete road until a lattice fence that runs along the right hand side, at which point we take the track to the left which ascends the embankment and saves us a loop of the road.

  • We cross the road and continue up the track which will lead us to the group of houses (P2) and bar called El Pastor (13’)

  • Just as we pass the houses and bar and recross the concrete road, we will find another trail right in front of us which leads to (P3) El Llano (6’)

  • Ascending straight ahead along the narrow path between wire fences, we will reach, on a curve in the road, (P4) the fenced-off pit called El Capitán (3’) • We can reach the Fort  (P5) directly from here (2’)

  • To get to the peak we only have to keep going up the steep path that runs alongside the fence (6’).​