Santurtzi - Kabiezes - Serantes

Santurtzi - Kabiezes - Serantes

Santurtzi tourism office
from wensday to saturday: 10:30

3km / 00:48h

  • ​We take J. M. de Barandiarán street from Santurtzi Park as it starts to the left of the Town Hall and leads us to the (P1) Plaza de Kabiezes (8') • We carry on along the road to the  right past the San Jorge football  ground and the Emilia Zuza y San Jorge educational centers, until we get (P2) to the Residence called Nuestra Señora de Begoña (10')

  • We keep on along the path to the left of the Residence and cross the motorway  overpass and then turn right, skirting the Somo and Alto de San Pedro hills until we get to the Los Llanos (P3) rest area (14')

  • From Los Llanos we can resume the climb following the path to the left that runs  around the slope to the summit  of (P4) Nueve Cruces (10') and from here we take the track that ascends to  the right and leads us directly to (P5) the Fort (3')

  • We can see the summit and the straight, steep path that  leads there from the fort (6').​​​