Cueva Mayor - La Cuesta - Punta Lucero - Zierbena

Cueva Mayor - La Cuesta - Punta Lucero - Zierbena

13 Km. / 03.15h

  • Following route nº1 we can get to (P1) El Capitán pit (34'), from whence we take the road until we get to a 180º curve where we take the well-marked path that follows the slope to come out at (P2) Cueva Mayor (14'), which is situated on the ridge which descends steeply until we come to the entrance to (P3) a small disused quarry (25')

  • We cross the Zierbena road and continue along a concrete road that runs beside the stream (P4) called La Canal (4') and then climbs up to take us to  La Cuesta (7'). We cross (P5) La Cuesta to arrive at a bus stop, in front of which we will find a pathway with a sign indicating La Calleja. Following this path we will come to a small plaza provided with a children's play area and where the red and white marks on a lamp post indicate that to the left between the walls of two houses we will find the path that climbs to Punta Lucero. 

  • This track is well marked at first but later suffers erosion. It takes us to a bifurcation where we take the right hand fork until we get to (P6) the pass (15') between the La Vista and Punta Lucero hills 

  • Following the route along the ridge to the left amongst remains of military facilities we will reach Punta Lucero (15') 

  • We then descend by the same route to La Cuesta (26') and then to Zierbena (P7) and shortly to Santurtzi (65') by following the road that runs along the coast.​