San Fuentes - Los Heros - Peñalba - Serantes

San Fuentes - Los Heros - Peñalba - Serantes

​3 Km. / 00.43 h.

  • Our starting point will be (P1) the San Fuentes district which we will cross keeping Santa Lucía to the left and crossing the motorway by the bridge to climb towards the remaining houses that used to be (P2) the quarter of Los Heros (10')

  • A track starts at the point where the road ends and climbs up the (P3) east slope of the Cotillo and Pico Emilio hills, later joining the (P4) path that comes from La Cuesta along the ridge of the Portal peak and then leads on to the Peñalba pass. There is a group of ruined hovels here. We reach the (P5) Peñalba rocks directly (14')

  • We can then go up the path that leads off straight ahead towards the tower to reach the summit of Serantes (10') or, if we prefer, take a short detour following the path on the left that climbs up to (P6) Cueva Mayor on the route that goes up from Zierbena and then along the summit crest to the summit itself (14').​