Peñalba - La Cuesta - La Serna - Serantes

Peñalba - La Cuesta - La Serna - Serantes

12.6 km / 03.00h​​

  • To start this route, we follow route nº 3 to (P1) Nueve Cruces (48') 

  • Then we head up along the crest to (P2) Peñalba (9') , and on down, following the pass and around the right-hand side of Pico Emilio, to the crossroads (P3) on its pass (14'). We take the right-hand fork and follow the broad path down the ridge towards the district of La Cuesta (P4), where it becomes a paved road (12') 

  • Just before the cemetery, we take the path on the right, which leads to (P5) Valle (8')

  • From the square in Valle we head towards the hilltop, passing by the bar on our right and taking a tarmac road which soon becomes a dirt track, heading towards the visible upper part of an abandoned quarry. The path passes beneath the spot known as La Serna and then winds up (P6) to the hilltop (14') 

  • From there, we follow the same path on to the summit of Mount Serantes (45'). From there, we head back down towards Santurtzi (30') following route nº 1.