Agurtza fishing technique interpretation centre

Agurtza fishing technique interpretation centre

Agurtza, Paseo Reina Victoria s/n



From 1st of March to 30th of May and from 1st of October to 8th of December:

​Friday: 17:30h

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Sundays and bank holidays: 11:00 h12:30h

Easter holidays and from the 1st of June to the 30th of September

Monday - Sunday:11:00 h 12:30h and 17:30h

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Basque; Spanish; English; French
18-65 years: 2€
7-17 years, >65 years, students and groups (>10 people): 1 €
<7 years and People from Santurtzi: free
Basque Coast Museums Network Card and Bilbao Bizkaia Card: 2x1
Agurtza I.C. + Santurtzi Itsasoa I.C.:
18 - 65 years: 2,5 €
7-17 years, >65 years, studients: 1€



Santurtzi has been one of the ports in Bizkaia with the highest number of vessels devoted to off-shore fishing; at its highest the figure was approaching 50, with crews totalling almost 200 men. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the Trainera was an essential tool in this activity; it was replaced by vessels propelled by steam or internal combustion engines, which enabled greater loads and less manpower, and subsequently by motor-powered vessels.

As an example of these boats, we have the Agurtza. This is one of the last of the traditional wooden fishing vessels left on our coasts, forming part of our heritage.

In addition to tuna, sardines, mackerel, jack mackerel and anchovies have been in its innards; now is the time for you to discover the world of our arrantzales (fishermen), boarding this jewel in our heritage, an example of those vessels so popular in times gone by on the quay in Santurtzi.
On the guided tours, we learn about arrantzales' life on board and the different kinds of fishing tackle and nets.

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