What to do

What to do


  • Calendar

    Santurtzi has a wide range of cultural, sports and leisure activities addressed to all audiences. Please consult the events scheduled on this page.

  • Trips out to the see

    Sea outings on the symbolic vessel ‘Karmengo Ama Birjina, enjoying the estuary on a canoe, bird and cetacean watching excursions in the Bay of Biscay, renting boats … our town offers numerous options for enjoying the sea.

  • WEALTH: SPA Kabiezes

    Jacuzzi, hydro-massage, hammams, etc. Relax while you enjoy the most incredible views of the Serantes Mountain!

  • Important dates

    Throughout the year, a series of traditional events take place in Santurtzi which you should not miss. The following is a list of the most significant events.

  • Routes​​

    There are different options for climbing the Serantes Mountain and all of them are rewarding: the view of the Bay and all the coast… it is simply stunning!

  • Serantes Kultur Aretoa

    The SKA programme offers theatre, dance, music and cinema performances, addressed to all audiences.

  • Guided tours

    You will be able to enjoy the different guided tours throughout the year. The most outstanding experience is how one feels like a sailor when visiting the tuna trawler ‘Agurtza’ , or the Santurtzi Itsasoa Museum of the Sea.

  • Work meetings

    The wide range of meeting spaces and the closeness to Bilbao renders Santurtzi an ideal place for holding events, congresses and meetings.

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Santurtzi has an extensive cultural, sporting and entertainment activities program, aimed to all audiences. Check here all the sch​eduled events.

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Basque cuisine is another of our highlights. Local restoration is very important.

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Santurce has be​​en one​ of the towns that has had more boats dedicated to inshore fishing..

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